Athletic Programs

STMS is proud to sponsor a very fun and competitive athletic program.  All students are able to participate in cross country running, cross country skiing, wrestling and track.  In addition, 7th and 8th grade students are able to participate in girls’ basketball, girls’ volleyball and boys basketball.  The seasons are as follows:

Girls’ Basketball 7th – 8th  (Sept. – Oct.)

Cross-Country Running 6th – 8th (Sept. – Oct.)

Boys’ Basketball 7th – 8th (Oct. – Jan.)

Cross-Country Skiing 6th – 8th (Jan. – March)

Wrestling 6th – 8th  (Jan. – March)

Girls' Volleyball 7th - 8th (Jan. - March)

Track – Boys/Girls 6th – 8th (March – May)

For information on any athletic program, please contact the athletic director, Kathleen Whatford,