Middle School Matters!
Welcome to the 2019/2020 School Year

Welcome to the South Tahoe Middle School website!  This is a great way to
connect with South Tahoe Middle School.  Here you'll find so much information
about our school and staff.  

    We are proud to announce that the following students received a Timberwolf-Pat-on-the-Back award from our parent volunteers or a staff member during the first trimester.  They have been recognized for acts of kindness, helping others, and going out of their way to make STMS shine.  Thank you to our fantastic timberwolves!
    Piper Arnold
    Nolan Barichievich
    Sadie Beall
    Mayte Borrayo
    Nolan Burichievich
    Kylee Caudill
    Joseph Causing
    Peter Causing
    Nathan Child
    Miguel Correa
    Joseph Cuasing
    Fox Dial
    Bella Erdody
    Bryson Farokhpour
    Toby Flynn
    Moises Garza
    Fidil Genera
    Marcus Haven
    Allana Hernandez
    Brady Higgins
    Tye Hill
    Brynn Hitchcock
    Aubrey Iveland
    Diem Johnson
    Logan Kelso
    Connor Larsen
    Tristan Lewis
    Jonah Linn
    Ignacio Loza
    Shant Marroquin
    Zach Marshall
    Joana Maxwell
    Caden Morales
    Shert Morroquin
    Franklin Moukoian
    Morgan Murray
    Jake Murray
    Morgan Murray
    Raul Negrete
    Avalon Newberry

    Bryant Pakes
    Gavin Pilcher
    Lupita Rehn
    Lupita Rhen
    Pedro Rico
    Miguel Rivera Correa
    Citlali Rodrigez
    Alondra Rodriguez
    TJ Stringer
    Jonaha Vazqez
    Jonathan Vazquez
    Brodie Wallisch
    Lily Weitzel
    Victor Zepeda

    If you would like to become a sponsor for this fantastic program, please contact Mrs. Goldberg at 

530-541-6404 ext 1791 or kgoldberg@ltusd.org




Standard-Based Grading Information for Parents

Click Here


STMS Welcomes Parent Volunteers!

All parents are encouraged to join our volunteer team, PACK:  Parents Always Care for Kids.  STMS appreciates your service!

  • As a member of PACK you can assist before, during, and after school.  Volunteer training and support will be offered the first Monday of every month at 7:10am, 2:00pm or upon request. 

    ***Our first volunteer trainings will be held Tuesday, September 3rd due to the Labor Day holiday.

    To learn more about what PACK is doing on campus, or how to join, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Cristi Creegan at cristicreegan@gmail.com.  You can also contact Mrs. Goldberg at 530-541-6404 ext 1791 or kgoldberg@ltusd.org.  

    We look forward to working with you and thank you for your interest.

All parents and visitors must enter STMS through the front office.  If you need to leave the office to go into the school, you must sign in and wear a visitor pass on a lanyard.  Return the lanyard and sign out when finished.  

Thank you for helping keep our campus safe!



REPORT INCIDENTS OF BULLYING:  An anonymous student-level Bully Reporting System enables the safe and secure reporting of bullying incidents. Bullying in our public schools has always been a concern to parents and school administrators. The issue has gained more serious attention recently. We now see widespread media coverage on the serious consequences, injuries and educational damage that result from being the victim of such incidents. Help stop bullying. Report incidents by CLICKING HERE


To easily report an absence for your student click HERE to email
Sherry Ross in attendance.....call 24 hrs per day directly to our 
attendance office:  530-541-6404 xt 1779



Here's a wonderful clip highlighting some fantastic things here at STMS:  STMS Video information or if you have any questions at all!