Welcome to the South Tahoe Middle School Library!


“When in doubt, go to the library.”

-J.K. Rowling


The STMS Library is open during regular school hours. Students are welcome to stop by before the first bell or anytime during the school day with a pass.

Our STMS Library is working diligently to provide high interest and relevant titles for our students. We have a wide array of books for all reading levels. Students are encouraged to let us know if there is a title they are interested in that is not yet on our shelves. We keep an ongoing list of student requests and strive to provide those books.

The Library also provides chromebooks, chargers and cases to keep those screens safe. Chromebooks are checked out to students at the beginning of 6th grade; ideally, they keep the same device until the end of 8th grade. If a student has issues with their chromebook or charger, they can stop by the Library for a repair. It is vital that students care for their devices! The chomebooks will be used by other students after they are returned to the school. No stickers, gum wrappers or drawing on the chromebooks, please. Repairs range in price up to $200 for a complete replacement. District chromebook insurance does not cover willful damage or lost items.

Please contact our STMS librarian, Jessie Pacheco, with questions at [email protected] or 530-541-6404 x1772.