Athletic Guidelines

Athletic Department

Guidelines for Parent and Student-Athlete Participation

A good sport, whether a student or a parent, is a true leader within the school and the community.  As a parent of a student, your sportsmanship goals should include:

*  Realizing that athletics are part of the educational experience, and the benefits of involvement go beyond the final score of a game

*  Encouraging our students to perform their best, just as we would urge them on with their class-work, knowing that others will always turn in better or lesser performances

*  Participating in positive cheers that encourage our athletes; and discouraging any cheer that would redirect that focus

*  Learning, understanding, and respecting the rules of the game, the officials who administer them and their decisions

*  Respecting the task our coaches face as teachers; and supporting them as they strive to educate our youth

*  Respecting our opponents as students, and acknowledging them for striving to do their best

*  Developing a sense of dignity under all circumstances and

*  We understand that it is a privilege to wear the blue and gold of South Tahoe Middle School.  We understand the sacrifices made to be part of this tradition.  Therefore, we will have NO part in any incidents of hazing, initiation, harassment, disorderly conduct toward, intimidation of, bullying of, or discriminating against any other student, parent, or coach from South Tahoe Middle School, or any of our opponents.

*  Be a fan….not a fanatic!