Cafecitos Overview

Cafecitos  at STMS!  Cafecitos is a group established for Spanish speaking parents to discuss what’s happening at the middle school. Parents meet one to two times per month to hear news and updates here at STMS and around the community.  Topics have included discipline, technology in the school, AERIES access, policies and procedures, academic support, helpful parenting tips, upcoming events and school tours.  Special guests will be presenting from the Family Resource Center, South Lake Tahoe Police Department, South Tahoe High School, and school personnel.  This meeting gives parents the opportunity to bring up questions and concerns they may have about their middle school children and life as a middle school parent.

The meetings are conducted in English and Spanish and this meeting is open to everyone!  On average, we have had approximately 15-20 parents attending.  Meetings are generally held the first and third Monday of each month. This is a great opportunity for parents to become more involved with their children’s education.
Meeting Dates: (To be announced)