STEEL (ELD) - Gonzalez, Bradshaw, and Bullock



Mr. Gonzalez

  STEEL 6th
   Period 4 and Period 5

Taylor CP

Ms. Bradshaw
STEEL 7th & 8th
Period 8


Ms. Bullock
STEEL 7th & 8th
Period 8

STEEL: Structured English Enrichment Lab 

ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:  Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are interconnected skills that combine to form the “California English-Language Proficiency Assessment Project” as put forth by the California state standards.  The implementation of Common Core State Standards, which includes California specific standards.  Your child will be involved with a variety of materials and activities for STEEL.  STEEL is designed to give support towards English development and what students must know and be able to do in their particular grade level. Students are required to bring a charged Chromebook to class every day in order to complete class assignments in Google Classroom and StudySync.

Components of STEEL are:

Ø   Reading comprehension              

Ø   Reading fluency activities

Ø   Building vocabulary strategies                                  

Ø   Standards based writing

Ø   Public speaking skills

Ø  Listening & oral comprehension 

Steel 6
Teacher: Jorge M Gonzalez
Email: jogonzalez@ltusd
Phone: (530) 541-6404 X1720

Steel 7
Teacher: Taylor Bradshaw  
 Phone: (530) 541-6404 X1733

Steel 8 
Teacher: Rainie Bullock   
Phone: (530) 541-6404 X1728