Hello My Name Is...

<Mr. Losk>

7th Grade ELA and 7th ELA Honors
8th Grade American Studies

Email: alosk@ltusd.org
Phone: 541-6404 x. 1730
Website: www.losk30.com


My name is Mr. Losk.  I teach at South Tahoe Middle School in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  I teach 7th Grade ELA, 7th Grade Honors ELA and 8th Grade American Studies. This is my third year teaching in South Tahoe.  I came to South Lake Tahoe from Gateway Community School in my hometown of Sonoma, CA.  When I am not pursuing my passion of teaching, I coach football and baseball.  When I am not teaching and coaching, I enjoy snowboarding/skiing, fishing, golfing, mountain biking,  hiking and music.  This website will include updates on homework and due dates.  This site will also include links to Google Classroom and the American Studies TCI curriculum.