Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Larry C. Lambdin

                             8th Grade Resource Specialist

     Courses:  Directed Studies, Advisory, 8th Grade Language Arts,       Club Live Incentive

Extra Curricular Activities:  Club Live

Contact:  530-541-6404#1729            


About me:  I have taught both regular education and special education for the past 36 years. I began my career as a Social Science teacher in Lebanon and Udall, Kansas, and later in Ajo, Arizona.  In those settings I served as a social science teacher in both junior high and high school. 

Later I began working with youth and adults with disabilities in various settings in Kansas, Georgia, and Arizona and decided to change my teaching focus to work with students with special needs.  

For the past 24 years I have worked with Learning Handicapped students in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District.  I have worked as both a Special Day Class and Resource Specialist.  

I love living in South Lake Tahoe, and enjoy running, hiking, and skiing.

Goals:  A goal I have for each of my students is to do what I can to help prepare them for a successful high school experience, and provide them with as many opportunities to be as fully mainstreamed as possible. 

Education:  BA- History/Political Science,  Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas 1978
                    M Ed- Learning Handicap, California State Univeristy, Bakersfield, Ca 1991

Family:  Wife Paula,   2 daughters -  Anna (Pacheco), and Kate